It all began with a simple, yet timeless piece of advice. “When it comes to makeup, never forget the triangle on your face; your eyes and lips.”

Those were the words passed down by our oh-so-elegant mother to us, her three girls. It was with those words in mind that we set off on this wonderful journey together to gain the same effortless beauty and grace that she embodies.

Even though we shared the same passion, we searched for different products. Nou kept hunting for the perfect shade of red lipstick to go with her complexion. Dee was looking for the mascara that would make her eyelashes look naturally full, while her twin Da, sought the products that would transform her skin into the smoothest canvas. Despite finding the products we were looking for across the Middle East, not everything we wanted was available to us. We wanted to save time and have peace of mind. So, we decided to bring them! Here’s where MSK comes in.

MSK seeks to provide a wide-range of curated products, accessories, and tools from the cosmetic and personal care industries, catered to the Middle Eastern market. Quick, easy, hassle-free online shopping from the convenience of your own home. For the modern girl on-the-go!

Be effortlessly beautiful, and let us handle the rest.

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