Organic Pea Protein Powder


Organic Pea Protein Powder - 170g


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Naturally high in Protein
100% raw
Great vegan/hypoallergenic protein source
Easily mixes into both sweet and savoury foods

KIKI’s Pea Protein Powder contains over 82% natural plant based protein, which is essential for anyone wishing to maintain or build muscle.

KIKI’s Pea Protein Powder is derived from organically grown yellow peas.

It is a vegetable rich protein that is low in fat meaning it is free from any animal products and genetically modified materials.

Pea protein powder is a versatile ingredient and blends well into a smoothie or juice.

It has a smooth texture and mixes easily with both liquids and foods.

EXP 08/2022


100% Organic Pea Protein

How to apply

Mix around one tablespoon or more with water, juice or a smoothie.

Can be sprinkled on/mixed with food.



KIKI was born out of a desire to promote optimum health and well being. Their aim and passion is to source dietary and beauty products of the highest quality, purity and integrity from around the world. Their product diversity is based on an overall power to cleanse, detoxify, heal and nourish. They believe that health is fundamental to happiness and they are here to help promote a healthy diet and lifestyle.

KIKI believes in adding only the purest of ingredients with the highest potency available. All ingredients are meticulously chosen and ethically processed to preserve and maximise the beneficial and powerful elements, ensuring unsurpassed bioavailability. KIKI does not compromise their products with inexpensive fillers and synthetics. They guarantee non-GM, non-irradiated and 100% active ingredients.

All products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. KIKI is the brand behind a host of innovative optimum food supplements made from 100% raw, plant-based, gluten-free and vegan ingredients.

The brand encompasses: Proteins, Greens & Superfoods, Digestive Health, Essential Fatty Acids, Aloe, Algae, Probiotics, Minerals, Detox, Fruit and Cacao Powders.