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The new invisibobble® POWER is the answer for everyone with voluminous hair or an active lifestyle who wants an extra strong hold in their everyday life or during sports.
Hidden in a beautiful updo or sparkling in the sun in a bouncing ponytail – Crystal Clear is everyone`s favorite.

Extra strong grip
No split ends


The invisibobble® is composed of polyurethane, better known as artificial resin. Polyurethane is particularly hygienic, since it neither absorbs dirt nor bacteria, and has a very easily cleaned surface.

How to apply

Whether used as a revolutionary styling tool or stylish wrist accessory – invisibobble® is versatile and allows creating professional updos and individual styles without additional clips or bobby pins.

If the invisibobble® starts to wear out after a while, you can make it contract again by placing it in the sun, on top of a heater (or a towel) or in hot water.


The idea for the invisibobble began to form in Sophie‘s first semester at University. University is a time in a girl‘s life where she wears her hair up constantly. Sophie set her eye on the old telephone hanging on her dorm wall. So she decided to unplug the phone cord and use it to tie up her hair as an extra highlight for her already quite spectacular look.The morning after the party, Sophie realized she didn't have a headache from ponytail and no kinks in her hair.

The invisibobble had been born. In 2012, the first trial launch took place in Germany, and the small firm spent a total of 12 months gathering feedback from customers, so that they could continuously improve the product.Finally, in 2013, it was time to introduce the invisibobble to the international market. Ever since then, international demand for the invisibobble has exploded. Now, the invisibobble is being distributed in over 70 countries worldwide!