XL Clear Snag-Free Hair Elastics


Transparent, Non Visible


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For thick hair, for a slick and super smooth wet look, for loose and tight set ups, for tangled texture and all styling that needs a solid and long lasting stability. Totally snag free stronger, steadier hair elastic

6 ct./ 6 mm


Reusable polyurethane in one single piece without metal joints or seams

About BLAX


BLAX® started as a must have among professionals in US and Europe. Mention BLAX® and every trendy hair creator, salon and stylist knew the tool.

2009 BLAX® was introduced in Scandinavia and since then, in this part of the world, over half a million packages are sold from hair salons, webshops, cliniques and boutiques.
And now XL BLAX, specially made for BaBa Blax Sheep, is launched.

stretch 3-4 times their size without loosing elasticity
never become loose in the heat or brittle when cold
neither break in wet hair or in water
are ideal for sports and spa
stay put even when severely strained
glide off without tangling